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ref Template  epSOS CDA custodian

Id 2.16.840.1.113883.3.1937.777.11.10.104 Effective Date valid from 2013‑12‑20
Status draft Draft Version Label
Name epSOSCDAcustodian Display Name epSOS CDA custodian

This elements represents the organization that is in charge of maintaining the document.

This information is required by the CDA R2 standard and shall be recorded in the ClinicalDocument/custodian/assignedCustodian/ representedCustodianOrganization element.

The representedCustodianOrganization SHALL have:
  • the name, addr and telecom elements (nullFlavor allowed), due to constrains derived by the H&P specification (see § 5 Constraints)
  • the id element from the CDA R2 model
Classification CDA Header Level Template
Open/Closed Open (other than defined elements are allowed)
Used by / Uses
Used by 0 transactions and 7 templates, Uses 1 template
Used by as Name Version Include draft epSOS-ePrescription 2013‑12‑20 Include draft epSOS-eDispensation 2013‑12‑20 Include draft epSOS-Patient Summary 2013‑12‑20 Include draft epSOS-Health Care Encounter Report 2013‑12‑20 Include draft epSOS-Medication Related Overview 2013‑12‑20 Include draft eHDSI-ePrescription PDF embedded 2017‑03‑11 22:32:59 Include draft eHDSI-Patient Summary PDF embedded 2017‑03‑11 18:41:31
Uses as Name Version
2.16.840.1.113883.3.1937.777.11.10.111 Containment draft epSOS CDA Organization DYNAMIC
Relationship Specialization: template 2.16.840.1.113883.10.12.104 (2005‑09‑07)
notice There is an open issue with this item:
Item DT Card Conf Description Label
1 … 1 R (epSdotsian)
0 … 1 F CST
1 … 1 R (epSdotsian)
1 … 1 R Contains 2.16.840.1.113883.3.1937.777.11.10.111 epSOS CDA Organization (DYNAMIC) R1.10.9
0 … 1 F ORG