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353Align hl7:id and hl7:text with eHDSI Simple ObservationOpenNormalChange Request2020-09-08 10:18:05Mathias Ghys
323Improve descriptionsOpenNormalChange Request2019-11-19 10:37:34Mathias Ghys
314Make patient name element mandatoryOpenNormalChange Request2019-09-03 12:00:20Mathias Ghys
246Change cardinality of hl7:languageCode in recordTarget templateOpenNormalChange Request2018-10-12 12:30:48Mathias Ghys
279Fix issue subscription for new ehdsi art décor environmentOpenNormalChange Request2018-08-30 11:52:44Marta Terrón Cuadrado
278Restrict the nullFlavor value for Telecom element in author prescriber to "NI"OpenNormalChange Request2018-06-21 13:16:02Mathias Ghys
277Restrict the nullFlavor value for Telecom element in author to "NI"OpenNormalChange Request2018-06-21 13:10:10Mathias Ghys
276make patient name mandatory (change conformance from R to M)OpenNormalChange Request2018-06-21 12:59:25Mathias Ghys
275Change the Cardinality of the id and text elements according to the IHE PCCFeedback neededNormalChange Request2018-06-11 10:24:17Mathias Ghys
274Change cardinality of value elementOpenNormalChange Request2018-06-08 10:54:16Mathias Ghys
272restrict formCode CONF to epSOSPackage value set for asContent partOpenNormalChange Request2018-05-25 11:52:02Mathias Ghys
255country element in addr has to come from the epSOS country value set if availableFeedback neededNormalChange Request2018-01-11 16:53:34Mathias Ghys
253Adapt conformancy of family and given elements conform the EXPAND specificationsFeedback neededNormalChange Request2018-01-09 12:38:14Mathias Ghys
248hl7:name cardinality must be changed from 0 ... 1 to 1 ... 1OpenNormalChange Request2017-12-18 10:50:39Mathias Ghys
239Modify effectiveTime element for Medical Device templateFeedback neededNormalChange Request2017-11-23 20:51:26Mathias Ghys
233Value Set differs from original normative CDA SpecOpenNormalRequest for Information/Education2017-10-30 13:56:47Dr. Kai U. Heitmann
214Base Standard ValidationOpenNormalRequest for Information/Education2017-10-29 10:18:19Christof Gessner
209Constraint applied to relatedDocumentOpenLowestChange Request2017-10-27 17:42:06
199doseQuantity: value set binding for unitsOpenNormalChange Request2017-07-27 20:46:38
185Template is too specificFeedback neededNormalChange Request2017-07-19 11:25:51Christof Gessner
184displayname and codesystem name are optionalOpenNormalChange Request2017-07-18 23:20:00Christof Gessner
187units in ingredient/quantityFeedback neededNormalChange Request2017-07-18 23:19:06Christof Gessner
183LOINC code for blood group observationOpenLowChange Request2017-07-18 22:55:45Marta Terrón Cuadrado
192revert to original IHE templateFeedback neededNormalChange Request2017-07-18 22:54:41Christof Gessner
188Dosing-specific templates do not appear in template ID listOpenLowChange Request2017-07-18 15:21:05Dr. Kai U. Heitmann
177Preferred Health Professional for emergency contact: change the classCode to ECONOpenNormalChange Request2017-06-13 12:04:11
176CDA Device : check value set binding with device.codeOpenNormalChange Request2017-06-12 17:44:51
174Allow serviceEvent/effectiveTime as interval or TS?OpenNormalChange Request2017-05-31 19:06:55Christof Gessner
160Cardinality Contact/Preferred HP/Legal OrganizationIn ProgressNormalChange Request2017-05-17 14:53:57
121Name of Template Medicine & specialized templatesOpenNormalChange Request2017-05-17 13:55:00Dr. Kai U. Heitmann
51Specialization of template ""OpenNormalChange Request2016-07-13 16:57:24Giorgio Cangioli
92the referenced entry ID to be updatedOpenNormalChange Request2016-07-13 16:42:59
126Add template specializationsOpenHighChange Request2016-07-13 16:42:19
57Informant roleOpenLowRequest for Information/Education2016-07-13 14:54:45Giorgio Cangioli
62Relationship between the type of obs.code and type of obs.value OpenNormalRequest for Information/Education2016-07-13 14:53:06Giorgio Cangioli
91value set binding for Obs.valueOpenNormalRequest for Information/Education2016-07-13 14:52:31Giorgio Cangioli
99Comment AuthorOpenNormalRequest for Information/Education2016-07-13 14:51:51Dr. Kai U. Heitmann
Change RequestAlign hl7:id and hl7:text with eHDSI Simple Observation
Last Tracking2020-09-08 10:18:05  by  Mathias Ghys
Current AssigneeMathias Ghys
eHDSI Vital Signs Observation (
Template1. (2020-09-03 15:17:32) eHDSI Vital Signs Observation
Assignment2020-09-08 10:18:05: Assigned To Mathias Ghys by Mathias Ghys
TrackingOpen2020-09-08 10:18:04: Tracking by Mathias Ghys

- Currently the hl7:id and hl7:text are not aligned with the eHDSI Simple Observation template. This could lead to confusion.


- Make hl7:id [1..1] M and hl7:text [1..1] M

Further explanation:


PreviewCodeHTML colorDisplay NameDescription
TBATBATo be approved
To be discussed and approved
M1M1Milestone 1
Milestone 1 – before the EXPAND-athon 9-12 December 2015 Lisbon
M2M2Milestone 2
Milestone 2 – final results to be delived at the end of EXPAND
M3M3Milestone 3
Milestone 3 – end of the HL7 International Project
M4M4Milestone 4
Milestone 4 – for consideration in the future / desiderata
WJWJChanges Word/JIRA
Changes in the Word Specification/Open a JIRA issue
Template-ID changes throughout the specification